This page is in need of review. Some of the information presented may be out of date or inaccurate.

Standard Modules

Module Group Name Function Business Function
Contacts Accounts Operations/Finance
  People Sales
  Leads Sales
CRM Opportunities Marketing
  Activities Marketing
  Campaigns Marketing
Projects Projects Project Management
  Tasks Project Management
  Resources Project Management
Manufacturing Works Orders Operations
  Stock Operations
  Warehousing Operations
  Production Recording Operations
Logistics Purchasing Order Processing Operations
  Goods Received Logistics
  Purchase Invoice Register Logistics/Finance
  Sales Order Processing Sales
  Despatch Logistics
  Sales Invoice Register Logistics/Finance
Accounts Asset Register Finance
  Costing Operations
  Cash Book Finance
  Purchase Ledger Finance
  Sales Ledger Finance
  General Ledger Finance
  VAT (Sales Tax) Finance
  Currency Finance
Setup   System

Other Modules

uzERP contains other modules which were specifically developed to meet the needs of the project’s original sponsor Severn Delta Limited. While these may prove useful, and are delivered with the other modules, they are not documented.