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The Contacts module is where information about your business partners is stored

  • [[Accounts]] - used to keep track of Customers and Suppliers details
  • [[People]] - employees of your Business Partners
  • [[Leads]] - sales prospects

Contacts have an owner and be assigned to another system user for management. The screenshot shows the basic details held against any Account contact.

Optional and customisable CRM details covering Status, Source, Classification, Rating, Industry and Type can be allocated. In addition the following information is stored against any contact in the system. It is either entered directly or ‘related’ information from other parts of the system.


These related items link back to the Opportunities and Activities entered against the Account/Person/Lead via the [[CRM]] module.


The Projects module allows projects to be assigned to contacts at the company and/or person level - this is usually the main client contact.


Notes can be attached to all contacts and analysed by note ’type’ If one of the Sales Order/Invoice Purchase Order/Invoice note types are used the note will ‘pop up’ when entering an order/invoice against the Company or Person.


Files such as drawings, contracts etc can be uploaded to the uzERP file server and attached to a contact here.


Each contact can have multiple mail and email addresses and phone/fax numbers. Those addresses marked shipping, billing and payment can be used as options in the despatch, sales ledger and purchase ledger systems respectively


Details of meetings and calls can be added here. Meetings will ling back to the calendar module if required.

1 - Accounts

The Accounts section under [[Contacts]] stores information on business partners that you already deal with.

In order to tag an account for use in the [[Sales Ledger]] or Purchase Ledger the category must be set to Customer or Supplier. An account can be either or both meaning that a single source of contact information is kept for all trading partners.

2 - Leads

The Leads section of the [[Contacts|User Manual/Modules/Contacts]] module stores information about sales prospects for use in the [[CRM]] process.

When a lead turns from being a prospective customer into a live account it can be converted using the convert to account option - it will then be available in the [[Accounts]] section of the [[Contacts]] module and can be allocated as a customer in the [[Sales Ledger]].

3 - People

People may be entered independently or associated with [[Accounts]] or [[Leads]]