uzLETs are blocks of information that can be placed on the [[dashboard]] of each module or on the users home page. uzLETs can take the form of graphs, ‘top ten’ lists, action lists etc. In many cases the links are clickable - for example the ‘Orders awaiting Authorisation’ list in the Purchase Orders module allows for click-through to the relevant order detail.

uzLETs by module

The following is a list of the standard uzLETs delivered with the system.

Module uzLET
Cashbook Bank Accounts Summary
overdue periodic payments
recently viewed leads
recently added companies
quick links
recently added leads
leads added today
recently viewed companies
recently viewed people
companies added today
Costing Quick Links
CRM team pipeline for year
opportunity source by value
opportunity history
my open opportunities
my pipeline for week
my pipeline for month
my pipeline for quarter
my pipeline for year
team pipeline for month
team pipeline for week
Current Activities
Customer Service customer service graph
Dashboard company selector
General Ledger
Manufacturing Book Production
multi bin balances print
Book Over/Under Usage
Print Works Order
Store transfer actions
backflush errors
Projects logged hours this week
current issues
my current projects
my current tasks
equipment utilisation
new issues
Purchase Invoicing po invoices in query
po overdue invoices
Purchase Ledger aged creditors summary
Purchase Ledger Quick Links
Purchase Order Purchases by value received
Purchase Orders not acknowledged
Overdue Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders due today
Orders with no Authorisor
Orders awaiting Authorisation
Sales Invoicing top 10 sales invoices for month
sales history
customer service graph
Sales History Summary
Sales Ledger accounts on stop
accounts over credit limit
aged debtors summary
overdue accounts
Sales Order sales orders summary
sales quotes summary
sales orders item summary
overdue sales orders
top 10 sales orders for month
System Admin quick links
current ticket severities for current week
my tickets
unassigned tickets
ticket statuses for current week
current ticket priorities for current week
Quick Ticket Entry