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uzERP is a suite of business software that delivers big company functionality on a small company budget, including accounting, stock, manufacturing and more.

uzERP is free, Open Source software and was originally developed by Severn Delta Limited to replace a commercial Unix based ERP system. We like to think it has been made by small business people for small business people.

The system is now developed and maintained by uzERP LLP, an independent company set up by the owners of Severn Delta to further develop the software.

Try out the uzERP Demo, the username and password is admin.

Will uzERP work in my business?

uzERP is extremely flexible and is used by manufacturing, distribution and service businesses.


uzERP can support with make to stock, make to order and process type environments. There are facilities to enter multi-level product structures (BOMs), process routes and operations, sub-contracted operations and to ’late configure’ at works order entry. Materials can be auto-booked to works orders using backflushing and there are views to see over/under yields and production scrap.

Goods received or made can be booked to holding locations for inspection before being released to production or sale. There are facilities to record shop floor performance and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) plus online views of supply and demand by product group for planning shop floor loading.


There is multi-warehousing with user defined locations that can be bin controlled if required. In addition, locations can be marked as pickable, saleable or no balance to manage the movement of items through the operation. Trade counter and quick single item sale operations are available as well as consolidation of pallets for larger deliveries.

Full logistics paperwork (order acknowledgements, pick lists, despatch notes, warehouse transfer documents) is available.

To help sales desk employees pick the correct product for customers there is also a product selector, which allows saleable items to mapped onto an end use - for instance a make/model/year - the operator is then presented with a list of items which are right for a particular situation.


Benefit from the integrated CRM and product management functionality - including the ability to book time to projects. The facility to specify a service price list by group or customer - for example specifying hourly rates - means customers are always billed correctly for services rendered.


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