Required OS Packages

These package names are from Ubuntu, other distributions may use different names.

  • apache2 (Using either mod_php or proxying to php-fpm or other fcgi. Alternatively Nginx/php-fpm)
  • postgres (version 10.x)
  • memcached (Not strictly required, because uzERP will use the local disk if memcached is not installed, but highly recommended)
  • fop
  • php (version 7.x)
  • php-memcached
  • php-pgsql
  • php-bcmath
  • php-xml
  • qpdf

Optional OS Packages

  • cups (cups print server, required for direct printing to printers)
  • postfix/Exim email MTA for sending documents from uzERP, e.g. Invoices, Purchase Orders)
  • ghostscript (PDF thumbnails use the ‘convert’ utility)
  • php-curl (used by sentry logging)

Development Requirements

The following are only required to build a uzERP release package. Official, pre-built release packages are available from github.

  • npm (Node package manager to install gulp)
  • gulp (gulp task runner for building css and javascript)
  • composer (for installing PHP dependencies)