Cash Book

The Cash Book module provides a record of the cash received and paid out within each bank account.

The Cash Book module provides a record of the cash received and paid out within each bank account. It is fully multi-currency and closely linked to the other accounting ledgers.

Generally, most of the transactions for the Cash Book will be input automatically from the Sales and Purchase ledger modules in the form of receipts and payments. However, there are always entries that need to be posted directly, for instance:

  • Tax transfers to the regulatory authorities

  • Wages and Salaries payments

  • Direct payments for settlement of expense claims or credit card purchases

The above payments types, and more, can be entered directly into the Cash Book and allocated to General Ledger income, expense, asset or liability accounts. In addition, the VAT on these transactions can be accounted for where applicable.

Although normally used for Bank accounts separate accounts can be set up for petty cash, merchant services (such as Worldpay, Paypal, Visa or Mastercard) and business debit cards.

Features of this module include

  • Unlimited Bank accounts each allocated a unique General Ledger account code and cost centre combination

  • Entry of payments or receipts in any defined currency

  • Payments can be linked to contacts including those not defined in Purchase or Sales Ledgers

  • Account for VAT directly on payments or receipts

  • Transfers of funds between bank accounts in the currency of the paying OR receiving account

  • Easy check box style reconciliation to statement

Entering a payment

Bank reconciliation

Periodic Payments/Receipts

Periodic payments are used for direct debits or standing orders (payment OR receipt). They can be set up for Purchase Ledger payments or Sales Ledger receipts as well as direct Cashbook payments. Information on how to set them up is here

Once set up Period Payments will appear in the overdue periodic payments uzLET within cashbook to remind you to post them.