Sales Ledger

How do I…?

Show the outstanding invoices for a customer?

Go to the sales ledger record and click the side bar action ‘Outstanding’ under Related Items.

Find out when a customer has paid and which invoices payment covered?

Under the customer’s account in sales ledger and look at the ‘All Invoices’ side bar link - if its paid you can click on ‘paid’ to see the cross reference transactions and therefore the payment. If the payment is unallocated use the ‘Outstanding’ link to find the payment.

Put a customer on stop?

Go to the customer under Sales ledger and look for the side bar action ‘Stop Account’

Refund a customer in credit?

  1. Enter refund into cashbook as a cashbook payment (VAT = none) - GL code as appropriate
  2. Enter SL journal for same amount to same GL code
  3. Allocate SL journal to SL credit(s)