Create contact categories and CRM classifications


  • This page should also discuss people.
  • Document the starter database.

Contacts Setup

Menu: Setup > Contacts

There is a check box to set the preference for the auto creation of account numbers. Use this if you want system generated account numbers - if maintaining a link with legacy data it may be wise to enter historic, manual, account codes.

Contact Categories

Categories can be associated with a either Companies or People, or both. The following have some impact on how the system works

  • Employee - if a person within the system company is marked as an employee then they will be available in the HR system
  • Customer - an account marked as a customer will be available in the Sales Ledger (Accounts Receivable)
  • Supplier - an account marked as a supplier will be available in the Purchase Ledger (Accounts Payable)

If you base your system on the starter database then Contact categories already has ‘Employee’, ‘Customer’ and ‘Supplier’ set up.

Other Information

Apart from the above there is little setup required in the contacts module beyond the optional classifications you require. The different sections you can use are:

  • Company Classifications
  • Company Industries
  • Company Ratings
  • Company Sources
  • Company Statuses
  • Company Types