Create your own dashboard by pulling uzLETS from every module you have access to.

Also manage Preferences, Holiday Requests, Expenses and saved data.

How Do I…?

Change the number of lines displayed in a uzERP’s lists?

Home -> My Preferences and change ‘Items to display per page’.

Change my default printer?

Home -> My Preferences and pick a printer from the list under ‘Default Printer’.

Use my ‘Local’ Printer?

Home -> My Preferences and choose Enable browser PDF printing.

Create a dashboard?

You can set up a dashboard on any module page by adding ‘uzLETS’. These are small blocks that contain useful summary information. On the Home Page all uzLETS from all modules that you have access to are available. This allows you to create a cross-module dashboard of high level information or items requiring action. On each module page you can also add the uzLETS for that module to create module dashboards.